hiring in Westchester. Make up to $1200 a week. Discreet work North of Yonkers and in the White Plns area. Its discreet sensual bodyrubs, foot fetish and ass worship. Being safe and discreet always comes first. Located 35mins north of Grand Central, Manhattan. Hiring. Make up to $800 Daily. Part-Time Hiring Women age 21-35. Located just 35mins north of North of Grand Central in Manhattan. No experience necessary. Work involve Erotic Bodyrubs Foot Fetish and Light Fetish Sessions. No Upselling and No Full Service.


Send Flowers at 1-800-FLORALS


Hiring women age 21 to 35. You need reliable an Open-Minded. Not for Conservative or the Quiet Loner Type. Your Personal Life can't interfere.

Work involves Erotic bodyrubs, Foot Fetish and light fetish sessions. Make up to $800 Daily. Only for women that do good work(not just the minimum). No Upselling and No Full Service.

Good for women with an Erotic, Seductive and Flirtatious Personality! Having a good attitude with a friendly look (no resting annoyed face) is strongly preferred.

  • Make up to $800 Daily (Paid Daily, Pay Varies)
  • Good Split and You keep 100% of your tips
  • Close to mass transit (Safe, middle class location)

Being Discreet always comes first. Your private life stays private. You can't let any bossy, controlling or stalker-like people interfere (or have the option to interfere). No Drugs, No Drama and No Tag-Alongs.

If you are definitely interested Reply with 3 or more full body pics. Include name, age, measurements and mention nationality. This is for women age 21 to 35. (Reply - Email Here).

  No experience necessary and it involves no F/S (NO Full Service). You need to be reliable, very open minded and easy to work with.

The light fetish sessions usually involve foot fetish, and ass worship. Some sessions involve using an adult toy. Clients worship you (not the other way around).


Now Hiring. Paid Work good for Fetish Models and Strippers or Erotic Women. Part-Time Job for Women just 35mins north of Midtown Manhattan. Westchester Jobs for Women between modeling jobs.
Close to Mass Transit in White Plns (Westchester).

Its ok if you are a nanny, a paid model looking for paid modeling assignments or a lap dancer in a club. Women in Stamford Connecticut, The Bronx, Close to Midtown or in Harlem can travel in to make money.

If you have 3+ years of experience, you feel you know everything or you feel bad reviews are not important ... DO NOT REPLY.